About Us

Across the globe

Creavids works with clients across the globe, making sure that we understand the needs of your target demographic. We woek across borders, continents, and time zones to make sure that you dont just get the video you want – you get something way better!

We Speak Your Language

Our endless network of Professional VO Artists make us Language agnostic. These are native speakers that enable us to produce videos in almost all tongues known to man

We help you ideate!!

Our Creative directors work with you to understand your business and help identify the best messaging strategy. An across industry work experience enables our team to share with you effective practices from multiple domains,and create bespoke deliverables for you.


It’s You First

Making video production seamless and effortless lies at the top of our priority list along with timely deliverables and honest feedback. You are on a pleasuresome ride of creativity when you sign up with us.

Always In Touch

Just drop us a line or give us a buzz and our ever so eager creators will happily connect with you! Our creatives love to rattle their brains and share feedback that betters the project. Only when you are convinced is when we rest the battle and move towards the next steps.


Our Process

Getting to Know you

The first and the most important step for us to getting to know you, your needs, your audience, and making sure you understand the process thoroughly. This can happen in person or over Skype or even a phone call. Not only do we understand you better, we also help you understand the world of videos better – and understanding is where a lasting relationship begins.

Script Writing

Behind every good video lies a good story. And at Creavids, we’re here to make sure we tell your story in an interesting, engaging way. Our copywriters work with your constant input to make sure we come up with the best – and compelling way to get your point across. This is also where we accept 50% part payment to kickstart the process.

Character Design & Style Sheet

There are so many different styles in video and animation. Thankfully, our helpful team is always there to assist you in deciding the one that best meets your needs. Once we have your inputs, we will design two different style options for you to choose from. And then we’ll work with the best idea – as we always do at Creavids!

Sketches & Digital Storyboard

Next, sketches are made based on the approved so that you get a visual idea of every scene of the animation. Once we have your approval, the process of digitization begins where we create a digital reconstruction of the storyboard based on the approved illustration styles. We’ll be happy to incorporate your ideas into the storyboard – after all, you’re part of the process at every step at Creavids!

Voice Over Recording

Prior to animation, sample voice overs are recorded and sent to you for approval. We work across a wide range of languages and styles and in any language you wish. Our vast pool or artists is always ready to understand your voice over needs and tell your story the way you want it!

Animating Stage

This stage is where the magic happens. This is the most crucial and time-consuming stage. . This is where the script, characters and storyboard come together into a unique and engaging idea. Here, we bring together the approved storyboard and the voice over and make sure that details such as timing and text are perfect. Attention to detail and a commitment to a quality final product – that is what sets Creavids apart.

Music & Sound Effects

At Creavids, we believe that the sense of sound is as important as the sense of sight. We will provide a set of background scores for you to choose from, or design custom sound effects based on your ideas. And then we make sure it all comes together beautifully in the final product.

Final Touch Ups & Submission

We’ll send you the preview for feedback and will be happy to incorporate the changes that you request. As soon as we have your approval, you can pay the remaining 50% cost and we will deliver the video to you in any format or size that you wish. That’s it! It’s that simple to bring your idea to life at Creavids.


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