Frequently Asked Questions
on Animated Video Production Service

The year is 2019. The current generation has grown up watching videos on their mobile devices and computers. Internet penetration is at a record high. The scale of YouTube videos as well as cinema is larger than ever. There is simply no other way that connects so well to your target audience. Video ads and explainer videos are also more cost-efficient than TV advertisements, and also allow you the possibility of getting exact analytics so your content can be delivered in the most efficient way possible.

Yes, we offer end-to-end video production service, right from concept till delivery, however, a client is free to choose if they have any specific service requirements only

Creavids is a team of storytellers, animators, illustrators, directors, and sound designers all of whom come together to first understand your requirements in the best way possible and then to deliver it to your target audience in the best way possible. We’re simply the best at connecting with you as well as your target audiences. And our efficient and cost-effective processes will ensure that you form a valued and continuing relationship with us.

We offer an all-inclusive budget and there are no hidden costs. If the scope of work changes from initial agreement, appropriate additional costs are informed to the client well in advance.

Yes, we assure 100% money back guarantee until the storyboard stage. We will refund the entire amount that has been made if you are not happy with our service, without any questions asked.

The typical timeframe to produce a video upto 2 to 3 minutes is 4 weeks however exact timeline can only be shared once the scope of work is defined.

In Video Production on boarding is done in 3 simple steps – Knowledge Transfer, Budget Approval and Sharing of Contact Details! Voila, we are good to kickoff the project..

For Seamless communication and collaboration during video production, we use Creavids Project Management Platform. Access to the platform is granted upon project confirmation.

Creavids has an iterative milestone based process requiring client approvals at every milestone. Please check out our process page to understand video production in detail.

There is no limit for the number of iterations you can make during video production. We aim to deliver the video as per your vision and work with you to fine tune it until you are happy with it.

At every stage of video production, we offer multiple options to choose from. Once the asset is locked, we work towards fine tuning it as per your liking.

Unlike most offerings in the market, explainer videos are created entirely from scratch. We don’t reuse old ideas or designs like many competitors do, nor do we compromise on things like sound design, subtitling, and voice overs. Each explainer video is crafted with our best creative minds at work, keeping you as an integral part of the process. Have a look at our portfolio, we are sure you’ll see what we mean 🙂

Yes, Creavids is connected with a global pool of voice over artists that enables clients to produce videos in various languages with distinct native accents. Additional languages costs can be shared upon request.

Yes, we at Creavids work on the video from ground up and every visual asset is created in-house from scratch.

The final video is delivered in HD and you can choose the file format as per your liking. The general file formats required by the clients are .flv, .mp4, .mov etc

Yes, we at Creavids share all project files with the client upon successful delivery of the final video.

No, upon successful delivery of the final video, the client has got all the rights for the video and its assets. We make sure you do not have to pay any royalty fees for using your video and assets.